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Sudhir UpadhyaySudhir Upadhyay, born in Agra, the city known for Taj Mahal (and mental hospital too ;-) is a 5'9" guy in his early-mid twenties. A computer graduate from Agra (Now, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar) University. He is currently working as a SAP Basis consultant at Atos Origin India, Mumbai.

Sudhir likes to surf the web, listening to good old soft Hindi music and not to mention sleep.

This blog is a result of his desire of an online identity and zest for keep discovering. His personal website eSudhir is constantly under construction. You can email him at sudhirATesudhir.com or view his Orkut profile.

5 Responses to “About Sudhir Upadhyay”

  1. # Anonymous kapil

    Kapil G
    !! Let your Blog enthrall us !!
    I will see it  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous


  3. # Blogger vineet

    Are Guru , humko bhi batao, ye template kahan se mila  

  4. # Anonymous Sudhir

    Vineet, this lovely template is blogger version of K2 from

  5. # Blogger Kirandeep

    Dear Sir/ Madam

    I have taken a 2bhk rented accommodation in Popular nagar through broker

    Now I have come to know that she has charged everything double to me

    rent = 6000/-
    Brokerage= 8000/-
    and deposit = 25000/-

    as our immediate neighbors and others are paying rs 3000/- as rent

    We have come from Chandigarh to pune due to transfer.

    Sir could u please tell me what % is brokerage? as i know it is 1/2 of one month rent..

    I am great problem pls help me , And let me know if I can retrieve my money back..and how

    We are staying at : D-18 , Girdhar Nagar , Popular Nagar

    Harpreet Singh


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