Sorry, I was away :(

I could not post any thing in last couple of days. I have temprature right now ;-(.
Today, India lost their match and series as well. I must appreciate the Pakistani team, how they won this series. This is the highest defeat India had on home ground.

John Wright will not be happy, the way India played in his farewell match.
Oh! I forgot to mention, I have uploaded the website made by me:

Finally, We won

It was complete team effort which lead to win. It was India's match completley, starting from Veeru, The wall and finally our 10dulkar, who did a great job with the ball.

Not to mention the sincere efforts of our captain, letting the Rana to pickup the leg stump. It needs a great amount of practice.

Anyway it was a great match.

Best of Luck for the rest of the series and hope that Ganguly will show us his real game that Boycott like too much and says him Price of Calcutta oopsss! Kolkata.

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