Reduce your Mobile bill

YourBillBuddyYou talk a lot over mobile and hence the mobile bill is very high but how about a service which can analyze your mobile usage pattern and recommend you the best possible mobile operator and bill plan. YourBillBuddy is the answer to cut down your mobile bill.

We tend to choose the mobile operator and bill plan based on some perceptions and suggestions from our friends, however, one plan which is best for me could be worst for you. So, YourBillBuddy is a free Indian service which will give you an unbiased recommendation by analyzing your mobile bill. YourBillBuddy is service of Trilogy E-Business Software which uses a unique technology to analyze your mobile e-bill. It will also tell you how much you will save on a course of one year if you select recommended plan.

In order to get the customized analysis you need to register for free and upload your mobile e-bill. The bill should be in PDF or HTML only. One bill is sufficient for analysis, however, you can upload maximum of 5 bills, the more number of bills the better analysis you get.

Don't get disheartened even if you are a pre-paid mobile user, you can also get recommendation according to your usage, however, in case of prepaid you have to provide your usage information manually.

Almost every mobile operator of India is covered by the service; however, some circles are yet to be added.

I think everybody will not be comfortable in uploading the detailed mobile bill on the website as you fear the spam calls and losing your privacy, however, YourBillBuddy assures you that your mobile numbers are safe with them.

Go Get yourself best-suited Mobile bill plan.

4 Responses to “Reduce your Mobile bill”

  1. # Blogger Vijeta

    I think ur a E-Guru!
    Jus came across ur blog n read it..amazin info collection.

    I just wanna ask abt this I tryin to open the link but its unavailable.  

  2. # Anonymous Sudhir

    Thanks Vijeta....
    As far as link is concerned I think there is some issue with the name resolution. try opening  

  3. # Blogger Shruti Kohli

    Hi Sudhir

    Gr8 blog, nive info

    Just checked u r blog regarding reducing mobile bill. I am with u in this. I myself have experienced using yourbillbuddy website for finding best tariff plan. I do tell this to people who are confused about selecting a plan. I have also shared my experience in my blog :)  

  4. # Anonymous Sudhir

    Thanks Shruti for dropping by.

    You also have a very informative blog and yes sites like your bill buddy are a good idea.  

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