Guruji the local Indian search engine

Guruji, The local Indian search is a new Indian search engine which promises to show you India specific results. Guruji is a brain child of two IIT graduates got seed capital of $7 Million from Sequoia Capital. You can search for India specific web results as well as local search for restaurants, gyms, doctors and many other things. Currently Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Indore, Noida, Mysore, Ludhiana, Mangalore and Vadodara are covered for local search. has also tie up with Infomedia yellow pages for local results. Guruji plans to roll out Google like ads in near future for revenues.

The site has clean look and provides you relevant results. However, it's too early to compare Guruji with Google or Baidu. I miss the “did you mean?” feature very badly on Guruji. If you search for Pizzahut in Mumbai you get no result, however, when you search for Pizza hut in Mumbai (notice the space between pizza hut) you get all the result. I think the search engine will improve and new features will be added as the time goes by but the start is very impressive. Don’t forget to search guruji on .;-)

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  3. # Blogger sunil das

    Does “” hold the key to KBC?
    Yes, indeed. “Guruji” aka could be your ticket to becoming a crorepati. But how? When you search for a particular word in Guruji, you would get the possible question related to it that King Khan would ask on KBC. For example, when you type and search for KBC on, you would find a potential question and the answer to it.
    The questions that appear in the search could/ would be the questions that King Khan will ask you for sure in KBC. If you or any of your friends are preparing for the show or have already got a chance to be on KBC, I suggest you search “”. This could be your one and only “key” to fame.And you can also help a friend who already selected for KBC. Like if a “phone a friend “happens he or she can get the answer in seconds searching it in for “1” search for “as” search “Nandalala”. Don’t miss out on this chance. I bet you. I have already started my preparation, have you?  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Guruji is just lacking its focus. I dont understand they want to provide local content or provide local language search. If local language search, provide much much better result for Hindi. You can have a look about it  

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