Compress or decompress files online

unzip or zip files onlineDon't have the winzip on your office computer to decompress the zip file on website? Now, you can compress, decompress the files online through Krunch.

The format supported are zip, rar and tgz. You can add upto 10 files in one archive and the maximum allowed size is 10 MB. The compressed or decompressed files can be emailed to you if you are a registered user.

Krunch is another superb product of Kailash nadh, who also invented Boast Machine, Pingoat, splogspot and urldo.

Update: For security concerned people, now has a 256 bit encrypted SSL certificate.

4 lines of a software guy

Just read these lines and couldn't stop to post.

He loved her,
But married another,
One became the wife,
The other became the password.

From Sixfaces

Differences between Delhi and Mumbai

It has been more than six months I am here in Mumbai. So, here are some of my observations about Mumbai.

  • People in Mumbai are more cool and calm than Delhi.

  • In Mumbai, theaters play National anthem before starting of a film.

  • People may call you by making a special(?) sound chhi chhi , that irritates me sometime.

  • You will see more south Indians in Mumbai, while in Delhi there are more Bengalis.

  • Mumbai‚Äôs traffic is a nightmare, however, Delhi is a smooth ride.

  • Mumbai's autowallahs will always charge by meter, however, in Delhi you can settle the fare without fare meter.

  • In Delhi, autorickshaw fare meter records units only when the auto is running, however, in Mumbai, the fare meter will record units when it's standing also.

  • Ladies are privileged here because they have special ladies only buses.

This list will be updated constantly.

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