Go Mahabaleshwar!

Elephant head in Mahabaleshwar
A trip to hill station always rejuvenates you, more so when the hill station is like Mahabaleshwar.

Mahabaleshwar is a lovely place to visit because A. There are no water woes like Shimla rather you have plenty of water falls. B. Less crowd in off season or rainy season :-) C. Less commercialization as compare to other hill stations like Shimla and Mussoorie.

So here are my suggestions if you are going to Mahabaleshwar.
-> Don’t get into the trap of taxi men and their philosophy of points. Try to explore on your own. If you have your own vehicle then it’s great
-> Try to go in off season i.e. Aug-Sep as this is the season when rains are on, tourists are less and you will see greenery everywhere.
-> DO NOT FORGET to carry your rainwear.

PS: The above picture is of elephant head point in Mahabaleshwar from my Sony Ericsson K700i Mobile camera :-)

Blog Blog Everywhere

The recent ban on blogs by Indian government helped blogs gain popularity and more people know about blogs. Amit Agarwal recently got interviewed on CNN-IBN. Let me tell you, CNN-IBN has been blog conscious since it's inception. They have a dedicated blog section on there website where most of there journalists blog, including Rajdeep Sardesai.

Now, If CNN-IBN has this blog section, then NDTV is not lagging far behind. They have come up with a complete blog site NDTVblogs where you can create a blog and start publishing your views. The look of site is not very cool and you don't have much to choose from. But you can hope for more as this is in beta stage and new things might be added soon.

Get free Windows Vista DVD in India

Get Free Windows Vista DVD in India Finally, In India, you can get a Windows Vista (Beta) DVD free from Microsoft India. Take the Microsoft Windows Vista Quiz to get a Windows vista DVD free.

Once you get all the answers right then you would be asked for sign in using your MSN/Hotmail ID and your shipping address. Questions are very simple ones about Windows Vista but don't scratch your head if you don't know the answers.

Here is the key:

1- Vista 2- Clarity 3- November 2006 4- True 5- Aero 6- All 7- All 8- 512

Source: Digital Inspiration

Meebo in 50 coolest website list by TIME

Meebo, the communication tool and connectivity lifeline for many office workers and students is listed in 50 coolest website of 2006 by TIME magazine.

Other products which are in 50 coolest web site include Google Spreadsheet, Digg, MySpace and You tube.

In last one year Meembo has grown phenominaly. The best part is, they are not only exploring online IM market but also exploring new ideas by thinking out of the box by introducing Meebo repeater and Meebo me Widgets.

Personally, I liked 'Meebo me' a lot. For those who came late, Meebo me is a widget through which you can chat directly to your site visitors. you can easliy put it on your blog or web site. A Meebo Me widget for Wordpress is also available for wordpress blog.

New look for my blog

The make over of this blog was long overdue and on the eve of Independce Day, finally it's done. I have used K2 template for blogger from geckoandfly and some tips from Amit's blog. Still a lot of customization works yet to be completed. However, as of now, I am happy with this new look.

P.S.: regular posting on this blog will resume soon. ;-)

No post

It's been more than two months, I have posted something on my blog. It's not that I don't have anything to post but the fact is I am running out of time these days. But this blog will get a new life with in a week. Till then....

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