Jao ghoom ke aao

I was there in shimla with my friends last week, very nice place to visit, but I was disappointed to see that it has severe water issues. Infact it is the first Hill station I have seen that does not have any water fall or lake.

Anyway, the place was nice and we enjoyed a lot...............
I'll try to post the photographs of the visit soon.

In shimla I had a chance to see bunty or bubly. I didn't like the film much. First half is good and light but second half could have been better. Amitabh is good with a little screen presence and so Rani and Abhishek.

Agra is there in the film but thoda sa. :+(
Anyway, I was shocked to see next day in TOI the film got 31/2 stars.
But the film is total time pass and must watch who wish to see Bachhans dancing together with Aish ;)

My Google

Google has introduced personalized home page of Google. You can personalize the home page of google with your e-mail (Gmail), Google News, quote of the day, movie, stocks, weather and lots of other things.

You just need to go to www.google.com/ig
and need to have the Gmail account.

Check it out now!!


Yesturday I installed MEPIS Linux on my home PC. The distribution is great and easy to use Jhakkas!

The CD is live CD and you can install it by the same CD as well. I got this CD with LFY . The beaulty of this distro is you can use the live CD to run all the application without installing ;). Insert the CD, your computer boots from the CD and you can install the OS from the CD when the computer is booted in GUI.

JAI GNU......

Microsoft introduces Windows Mobile 5.0

Bill Gates introduced Microsoft’s new operating system for mobile devices at the Mobile & Embedded Developer’s Conference yesterday.

Windows Mobile 5.0, or Magneto, as it used to be codenamed, supports push-to-talk buttons and small hard drives, among many other features.

The irruption of this operating system into the market is sure to bring about changes in the current scene. Today most mobile devices run Symbian, the operating system partially owned by Nokia. The Finnish company is likely to see their market share reduced by the release of Microsoft’s software.

And Nokia is not the only firm who may be affected by the participation of Bill Gates’ company in the industry. Windows Mobile 5.0 also supports QWERTY keyboards, until now an exclusive feature of Research In Motion’s BlackBerry. This release could mean a decrease in sales for the Canadian company.

The release of Microsoft’s operating system may not be good news for today’s industry leaders. However, Windows Mobile 5.0 will be probably more than welcome by users who want not only a cell phone, but also a device capable of handling wireless e-mail, songs, photos and videos.

Security holes hit Firefox

Users of the latest version of the open source Firefox browser face two “extremely critical” security holes relating to cross-site scripting and hacker remote access.

To know more click here

Kaal ka Waqt

I saw both the movies Waqt and Kaal this weekend ( My weekend i.e. Thursday & Friday as of now).
Starting from Waqt, it was a complete family drama; which has not a good story. The acting was good as usual from Amitabh. The songs were not good and was not the part of movie. Anyway It turned out to be the bad film.

Next day we planned for Kaal, thinking that the film will be good as it was from the Dharma Production. The film is about the Bhoot pret stuff. First half of the film is quite boaring and last 15 mins of film is good.

Director Soham was the assistant in the film Bhoot and you can feel the camera angles of Ram Gopal Verma. Soham has scared in the same way the Ramu scared us in Bhoot.

Overall the film does not worth watching. Acting of Ajay Devgan is great than any actor in the film. The girls are show piece in the film.

Now, I am looking for Bunty aur Bubly. It's a film directed by Shaad Ali and looks like a light film that you can Njoy...
Lets see what happens

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