Keep your heart young

Today, 24th September, is World Heart Day. I usually do not believe in philosophy of these days as we have day for every reason be it rose day, hug day, kiss day, chocolate day and what not. However, There were these ads by Saffola which drew my attention for World Heart Day. I think these ads will at least make you think about your heart, even I have started taking stairs to my office which is on 6th floor.

Saffola World Heart Day World Heart Day, Keep your heart youngWorld Heart Day

We all have a heap of reasons to not to walk or exercise, however, there is very little needed to keep your heart fit. According to Dr. Taraneh Razavi, a google doctor, it takes only 2.5 hours of walking per week to keep your heart healthy. So, forget all the reasons and walk for your heart and keep your heart young.

Indian languages made easy

If you wanted to start your blog in Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malyalam then your life can be easy by using Quillpad

Quillpad, still in beta, is a product of Tachyon Technologies. The interface of quillpad is very easy to use and you would by typing by your english keyboard, in enlgish without downloading or installing anything. You can even send e-mail in these languages from Quillpad website.
Check it out!

अब आप ओन लाइन हिंदी, कन्नड़, तमिल, मलयालम
और तेलगु में लिख सकते हैं..... Quillpad की सहायता से |
और हिन्दी में ई- मेल भेजना भी आसान |
आज ही Quillpad आजमाएँ |

Our Bubbly generates electricity

bubbly generates electricity After the pesticides hungama, here is a good news for soft drink companies. A professor of applied physics from National Institute of Technology, Khurkhshetra, claims that he can generate electricity out of Pepsi and potatoes.

Professor Chaturvedi had used two different electrodes of aluminium and copper, acid and also phosphorus that are present in most of the vegetables for generating electricity.

Now, you know if you want to be a Powerhouse what to drink ;-)

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