StarOffice 8 Available Now

The new version of StarOffice suit, StarOffice 8 is available now.
StarOffice 8 includes a macro converter that automatically converts
Microsoft Office macros to work in StarOffice. StarOffice 8 also is
the first office productivity suite to support Open Document Format
for Office Applications.

Some new features of StarOffice 8 are:

-> Improved Microsoft Office compatibility
-> OpenDocument is the new default file format
-> XForms supported here
-> Digital signatures can be applied to documents
-> Have your own resident database wizard
-> The mail merge wizard really delivers
-> Easier to use than ever before
-> Your native desktop theme applies
-> Migration tools simplify the move
-> Export your documents to Adobe PDF

Take a quick tour of StarOffice 8

Try StarOffice Now

Blog? whats that

This was the reaction I used to get in my office when talking about blogs.
Now, I must mention this, we work in a BPO ( No. 1 BPO to be precise ) for
a Technical process. Some of my collegues are MCAs, MCSEs, CCNAs or even
B.Techs and they dont know what a blog is. Anyway, Whenever they asked the question
what is blog? I used to say just one thing
click on this link

And then people started calling me blogger. Although, I am a kid in the
blogosphere ;). But there are people in my office who say that Blog is
a personal diary, nothing more than that. Anyway, I dont care.. but I can
remember few lines of Mahatma Gandhi:

First they ignore you...,
Then they laugh at you...,
Then they fight you...,
Then you WIN.

And I feel somewhat happy to announce that 4 of my collegues have their blogs now and another 3 are planning to blog soon. So, Gandhi ji is right once again.

No more Banglored?

Is Bangalore losing the race in terms of the first choice city for IT

Some days back I read a post on Chirayu's Blog about city of choice whether Pune or Bangalore. Today, on Rediff I saw an article "Is the Bangalore story over". The article has the views of Subroto Bagchi Chief Operating Officer, MindTree Consulting and T V Mohandas Pai [CFO], Infosys Technologies and both are concerned about the Bangalore.

The favorite cities of MNCs in India are: (in no particular order)

1. Hydrabad
2. Banglore
3. Chandigarh
4. Gurgaon/Noida
5. Pune

I don't know about Hydrabad and Bangalore but I know Chandigarh is a better place than Gurgaon or Noida. If you wish to know about the Pune then better read the Chirayu's post.

What is your view?

Office 12 Screenshots

Take a look at Office 12 Screenshots. Looks kool!

Office 12

More screenshots are here

Firefox 1.5 Beta 1 is out

 Firefox 1.5 beta

Firefox 1.5 Beta (code name 'Deer Park') is out with following additional features:

-> Drag-and-drop browser tabs
-> Faster back-and-forward page navigation
-> Streamlined configuration
-> Smarter updating
-> Better ad blocking
-> More privacy

Get Firefox 1.5 Beta now

Google's Birthday

It's Google's B'day!
Today is Google's 7th Birthday. Google Inc. originally nicknamed Backrub, was formally founded on 7th September, 1998 at a friend's garage in Menlo Park, California. However, the domain was registered a year before on September 15, 1997.

Happy B'day Google!

Get free Linspire

Due to the confusion created by Freespire project, Linspire is giving away the Five-O version of Linspire free till September 6th.

In company's word:

The only true "Freespire," would need to be a FREE COPY of the real LINSPIRE. We thought it would be fun, for all of those who were looking at this project to experience a true "Freespire", to give away a free digital copy of Linspire for a few days! This is actually a great way to highlight what it is that makes Linspire special and unique, and different from other Linux distributions.

Get your free copy of Linspire which is priced $ 49.95

But, there servers are being slammed and you have to try hard to get the copy. Till now, I have not been able to download the copy :-( and trying hard.

Best of luck!

Update: Finally, I was able to order the order the CD after trying 23 times. ;) (Sep 6, 11:55 PM)

Is this Google we know?

 Gmail error
Since one week it was Google Talk, Now, it's Gmail. Today when trying logging into my Gmail account, this error page appeared and after trying thrice, I was able to connect to Gmail.

I am trying to connect to Google Talk since one week but no luck ( Anil is also facing the same problem). I was able to connect on the very first day but after that no luck and today its Gmail. I don't think this is the same Google we all know. Now, one thing disturbing my mind, Is Google really God?

Your comments?

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